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Droneco brings the very best in Drone technology and software to deliver results for clients no matter what the environment or challenge. With national coverage we can support your project needs.

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Commercial Drones as a Service

As someone who runs an organization, your highest priorities are reducing costs, optimizing operations, mitigating risks, and safety.

Droneco’s turnkey or custom drone solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications, from capturing aerial imagery to providing actionable data to optimize your business operations. We also offer customised drone software to achieve specific tasks or capture detailed images.

By incorporating drones into your business activities, you can increase efficiency and gather the data the management team needs to make informed decisions and minimize risks. Our solutions are suitable for a wide range of industries, and we offer a comprehensive consulting service to our clients.


Droneco’s solutions are ideal for agricultural organizations, who rely on planes for occasional and expensive aerial surveillance.  Our drone services are suitable for tracking heat signatures, water usage, crop health, and carrying out soil analysis.

Another advantage of using our drone technology is that you can use it on a weekly or daily basis without incurring the high costs that are traditionally associated with planes. You also have more control over the drone’s operations and the data it gathers than you have with an aircraft.

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Asset Inspection

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, you will occasionally have to inspect infrastructure, equipment, roofs, or utilities.

There are several challenges when it comes to asset inspection. Assessing a large number of units can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. The area of the inspection may also be inaccessible, and the inspector may face safety risks in the process.

Droneco’s solutions effectively solve all these problems. Our drones and their custom software offer a cost-effective, safe, and thorough method to inspect your organization’s assets, regardless of their size, number, or complexity.

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If you need an aerial perspective or information on the environmental context, layout, or progress of your construction project, Droneco’s solutions are ideal. Our drones give a bird’s eye view over a construction site, allowing you to identify safety concerns, areas of inefficiency, and other problems that are not visible from the ground.

Drone footage is also useful before the start of the project in terms of surveying and planning. Additionally, it enables the construction company to:

  • Showcase progress to clients
  • Inspect structures
  • Monitor job site
  • Improve on-site safety

Our custom drone services are a cost-effective and time-saving solution.


Droneco offers a practical solution for everyday problems experienced by businesses in the power transmission and distribution-, wind-, and solar sectors. Our drones and custom software also reduce manhours, safety risks, and costs when it comes to energy-related maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

Organizations in the energy industry use drones as a highly accurate and detailed source of information. The comprehensive imagery that drones provide show clear indications of sub-module defects or potential issues that are often overlooked during manual inspections.

Drone data can also be manipulated to allow for first-glance analysis. With RGB Orthomosaic, for example, defective solar panels are highlighted for easy identification.


Drones are widely incorporated in the media industry, as the technology allows the operator to shoot high-quality footage from a higher perspective or angles that would otherwise be inaccessible. Droneco’s solutions are suitable for:

  • Aerial photography
  • Filming movies and television series
  • Recording events and functions
  • Covering news footage

Unlike most other commercial applications, the media industry often requires drone footage with visual interest and effects. Droneco’s custom service includes creative drone operation and editing.

Public Safety

Droneco’s solutions can be effectively incorporated to enhance public safety. Drones allow for:

  • Crowd monitoring
  • Assessments for hazardous material spills
  • Active shooter investigations from safe distances
  • Perimeter security

Lack of information is one of the biggest challenges that role players in public safety face. Our drones solve this problem by providing better accessibility, and higher altitudes, to provide detailed and actionable information for effective decision-making.

The use of drones is also an incredibly effective preventative measure to keep the public safe from things like terrorism, unlawful behaviour, and industrial disasters, for example, including explosions or gas leaks.


Droneco’s solutions are ideal for examining and recording a geographical area and determining the terrestrial positions of points to generate a map, plan, or detailed land description. Our drones are also suitable for assessing and reporting on the condition of a site, piece of land, or building, which is especially helpful during property transactions.

Our solutions complement your organizations existing terrestrial instruments and can expand your operations into new fields of surveying, including land surveying, land management, and urban planning.


A communication tower inspection can be a disruptive and costly operation, as the site has to be shut down for the duration of the assessment. During a typical evaluation, a rigging team has to climb the tower to inspect it for defects. If it is not possible to climb the tower, an elevated work platform is necessary, which adds to the costs.

With Droneco’s innovative solutions, you can bypass the rigging team, elevated work platform hire, the site shut down, as well as the time and costs associated with these operations.

Emergency Response

Droneco’s drones with their mobility and high payload capabilities can assist in a wide range of emergencies by:

  • Delivering medical supplies or safety equipment
  • Locating victims of natural disasters
  • Surveillance to monitor a dangerous area
  • Thermal imaging to find persons behind barriers

Incorporating drones during emergency response procedures can save lives, money, and time.

Commercial Drone Consulting Services

Incorporating drone technology into your business operations can be a challenge, especially if your team is used to conventional techniques to reach their objectives. As part of our services, Droneco offers extensive commercial drone consulting services to accelerate the learning curve and optimize the value that our services have to offer.

If you want to reduce your company’s costs, boost efficiency, and eliminate risks, contact Droneco today, and discuss your needs with our skilled and experienced team.