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Asset inspection is often regarded as a challenging part of infrastructure maintenance. Assets like towers and water reservoirs are difficult to access without specialized equipment, and some assets have to be shut down to ensure the safety of the people who are carrying out the inspection.

The introduction of drones reduced the challenges of asset inspection significantly. Instead of carrying out checks personally, a single drone operator can access the most obscured components of an asset and conduct a thorough inspection. To learn more about asset inspection with drones and Droneco’s unique solutions, keep reading.

Safety Advantages

Enhanced safety is one of the primary benefits of asset inspection with drones. Many industrial assets, like telecommunication towers and power plants, are developed to be functional and not to ensure the safety of inspectors. On the other hand, flying a drone around an asset poses no risk to the operator.

Easy Access

Gaining complete access to an asset often requires special equipment or vehicles. For example, inspecting the top of a spherical water tower is near impossible. However, drones are compact, they completely controllable, and they can reach high altitudes. As a result, accessing these points is quick and easy.


Drones are used for asset inspection in a wide range of industries.

Solar Power

Drones equipped with thermal imaging is ideal for inspecting solar sites and PV panels. These inspections are usually necessary to detect issues and ensure compliance with regulations.


Safety and efficiency are crucial during power infrastructure inspections. With drone inspections, power assets don’t have to be shut down for the duration of the examination, and energy providers have unrestricted access to these assets.


Problems with telecommunication infrastructure like towers are quickly detected with drones. Assessing the condition of the infrastructure in this manner is also much more affordable.


Recording drone footage of a construction site is the ideal way to provide developers and other stakeholders with progress reports on a development. Drones can also provide valuable information about the condition of equipment and buildings.

Commercial and Residential Property

Property owners who want to assess roof damage or structural components can do so with drones. Using drones eliminate the need for professional inspections, especially if the building owner has experience in detecting structural issues.

Wind Power

There are several hazards to inspecting wind turbines. Using a drone for these inspections eliminate the risk of personal injury. Drones are also ideal for checking modules and providing high-quality data, especially since they can fly to an optimum distance from the blade.


Drones offer an ideal solution for inspecting water assets like stormwater drains, towers, hydrants, and sewer pits. Drones also make it easier to maintain an asset register and spatial database.

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