Helikite Aerostat

Authorised Australian Distributor of the Patented Helikite Aerostat
All Enquiries Phone: 1300 926 990
Patented combination of helium balloon & kite that overcomes shortfalls of UVA’s & blimps as well as DroneCo’s Sophisticated Camera Technology Lightbridge System

Enhanced Emergency Service Management

AI Aerial Beach Management System

Continuous Surveillance with HD and/or IR cameras

Aerial sensors & Aerial photography

Communications – Aerials or 4G base stations

Surveys & Inspection

Emergency Position Location

Continuous Environmental Wild Life Surveillance

Continuous Major Event Safety Management & Surveillance System

Continuous Major Event Footage & Entertainment Media Production

Continuous Live Feed / TV Broadcasting / Quality

Helikite Aerostat Capabilities

Range of sizes from 0.15 m3 to 100 m3 capable of lifting 50kg

Can operate up to 11,000 ft

Can handle wind speeds up to 50 kts

Rapid deployment

Light & highly portable when deated

Helikite Aerostat Benefits

Helikite aerostats overcome the shortfalls of normal tethered balloons, UAV’s, blimps and kites

High winds that send other aerostats crashing to the ground, actually push Helikites higher into the sky. Helikites are the world’s only successful kite-balloon hybrid aerostat. Helikites are very tough, surviving extreme weather in military trials that literally tore other aerostats to shreds. Unique design means that even small Helikites can fly to thousands of feet without the need for a ballonet or constant electrical power. Helikites mean that aerostats are no longer just fair-weather aircraft.

Helikites are incredibly versatile. The same basic design scales up in size infinitely. Special Forces troops can take a Jungle Marker Helikite from their back pocket, inflate it with 0.4m3 of helium in seconds and then fly it hundreds of feet above the jungle canopy for emergency position location. Equally, a 100m3 version of the same basic design, flown to 5000ft from the back of a naval vessel, can lift fibre-optic cable and sensors capable of detecting anti-ship missiles from 100 miles away.

Helikite Comparison

Helikite flight is stable, high altitude, all-weather and reliable.

Helikites cope with extremes of temperature, wind, precipitation and maritime weather conditions better than any other aerostat in the world.

Helikite Aerostat Users

Desert Star Helikites protect coalition troops in Afghanistan by lifting surveillance cameras for the British and US Army. Helikites monitor weather for the British Antarctic Survey and relay video from robot boats miles over the horizon in the English Channel and the Arctic Ocean.

Compact Helikites steadily lift aerial cameras for photographers and much equipment for scientists. Desert Star Helikites lift networked radios and antennas, to instantly provide thousands of square miles of secure broadband commsfor the Australian Defence Force, Royal Marines and other Special Forces worldwide.

Rapid-reaction Helikite deployment systems have been developed to lift 4G base stations to provide reliable 4G communications for the European emergency services during large crowd events and disasters.