About Us

Droneco has a long and successful history within the Australian Aviation Industry including asset inspection services under the banner of Helistar.

Droneco is at the forefront of commercial drone solutions to acquire, process and deliver actionable aerial data to innovative customers, as well as providing a complete service or training packages to tailor suit customer’s needs.

The company is pioneering drone application in asset inspection, energy, construction, agriculture, mining, media and other sectors, utilizing best-in-class drone technology and using our highly trained pilots and experienced data engineers to execute to implement safe legal and insured missions that help our customers achieve their new cost and operational efficiencies requirements.


1 Sir Reginald Ansett Drive
Adelaide Airport SA 5095

0432 506 578

Our Team

Steve Adcock

Chief Pilot

What started off as a lifelong passion for photography and video quickly took to the sky with the emerging technology of drones, which opened up a whole new prospective for camera work and creativity. This quickly grew into a passion for Steve who had been involved in various successful business start-ups including in his own thriving aerial imagery business and could see the future of drone technology and where it was heading. A Successful business man in his own right, Steve saw an opportunity with becoming involved with Droneco, and joined as its chief pilot and head consulate on a range of projects and as well as leading its expanding educational division.

Albyn Hooper

Business Development Manager

Having a keen interest in aviation and a good understanding of the drone industry, saw an exceptional opportunity joining Droneco. Albyn has extensive senior BDM management experience in the Healthcare, Retail and Franchising sectors as well as building new business, securing customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with both internal and external partners throughout the business’s he has been involved in and who thrives on navigating change & developing company culture.

Commercial Drone Careers

Droneco is growing! We’re also looking for high energy, skilled individuals who thrive on being at the top of their game! We pride ourselves on maintaining a culture based on integrity, professionalism, and fun. The Droneco team comes from all walks of life, and we enjoy collaborating to solve problems, overcome challenges, and delight our customers.