Agricultural Drone Applications – Consulting and Service


Drone technology is highly versatile and increasingly used in precision agriculture. Incorporating drones into an agricultural setting makes it possible to gather extensive amounts of data cost-effectively. The result is an increased ability to make management decisions, improve yields, and increase profits.

In addition to gathering information, drones can also be fitted with specialized equipment to carry out agricultural tasks such as seed planting.

If you want to implement agricultural drone technology into your operations, Droneco can help. Keep reading to learn about our different drone solutions for farming clients.

Drone Applications

Crop Surveying and Mapping

In the past, farmers had to rely on plane or satellite imagery for large-scale crop surveying and mapping. Unfortunately, this information was mostly outdated, and it wasn’t detailed enough for effective crop monitoring. Agricultural drone technology solves all these problems by providing real-time and accurate information.

Drones provide information on crop health, crop life cycle, and land distribution in terms of crop type. A drone can also perform GPS mapping.

Irrigation Management

Locating issues in extensive irrigation systems with traditional methods can be a challenge. Drones fitted with thermal cameras can detect problems in irrigation systems and provide information that makes optimal irrigation system layouts possible. Agricultural drone footage can also provide a bird’s eye view of an irrigation system, eliminating the need for time-intensive manual inspections.

Livestock Tracking

Drones fitted with thermal imaging cameras can be used to:

  • Monitor livestock movements
  • Check for missing or injured livestock
  • Check for livestock predators

Without drones, carrying out these tasks required the use of aircraft and the combined efforts of several people. With Droneco’s solutions, one person can do all of them – quickly and affordably.

Crop Spraying

An agricultural drone fitted with a reservoir can fertilize and spray crops without the use of aircraft or vehicles. This technology also makes spot treatment of outbreaks possible before they can spread and affect an entire acreage.

Crop spraying with pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides may require approval from regulatory bodies. Consult with Droneco to learn more about to ensure compliant and effective crop spraying.

Field and Soil Analysis

Effective crop and nutrient management require detailed and ongoing monitoring of soil quality. Droneco’s solutions can be effectively implemented to derive 3D maps and information on soil quality and dead soil zones.

Famers can then use this information to formulate the most effective planting patterns and water source utilization. Soil monitoring and analysis with drones can also provide information that is needed to manage nutrient levels.

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Agricultural drone technology can benefit operations in several ways. Conventional methods of gathering information and carrying out operations can require the efforts of several people, machinery and vehicles with high running costs, and valuable time.

Drones, on the other hand, are mobile and versatile, they can provide detailed and specialized imagery, and a single person operates them.

Droneco provides agricultural clients with extensive drone consultations and services. If you want to benefit from this contemporary technology, contact us today.